Illustrations by JP Vieira

New A-7P print


Here are two new prints depicting the special scheme worn by an A-7P of the PoAf, comemmorating the 64000 hours mark.

You can get it at AviationGraphic_Website





A-7E HAF New Print


Here is my new print: it depicts the retirement scheme worn by a HAF A-7E, in October 2014 at Araxos Air Base.

The scheme was unveilled at the retirement cerimony for the A-7 Corsair IIYou can see it here, at the AviationGraphic site 


New prints

Hello, there are more prints available at the AviationGraphic website; two Hawker Hurricanes and an FW_190D-9. (click the images to view them)



A-7P Corsair Print available


My new work, depicting an A-7P Corsair II of the FAP is available as an high quality print.

It can be found at AviationGraphic Website

JP Vieira

BAC Lightning F6 Prints


There is a new set of 5 prints of the great Bac Lightning F.MK6.


They can be found at  AviationGraphic

MiG-15bis Print

The first available print features a MiG-15bis of the East German Air Force



 It is available at


 I am pleased to announce that some of my works are available as high-quality prints from Avaition Graphic.

They can be found at

 AviationGraphic website

hope you enjoy them and best regards to all 

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